Children Book Illustrations

List of published books:

• Cambria Books

Worked as an illustrator for two children’s books series written by Kay Williams

Fido – The Fish At The Bottom Of The Pond – Kay Williams
Gizmo Escapes – Kay Williams
Tiddles Cought In A Trap – Kay Williams
Jaws Gets A Toothache – Kay Williams
Snapper And The Hiccups – Kay Williams
Bob And The Duck – Kay Williams
The Day The Fish Got A Shock – Kay Williams
The Dragon Who Lost His Fire – Kay Williams
The Big Move – Kay Williams
James And The Chick – Kay Williams
The House At The Bottom Of The Garden – Kay Williams
The Talking Carrier Bag – Kay Williams

• Fagiolina Press

Sabra The Long Legged Goofy (Mixed) Saluki – Nina Halper

• Various Independent Publishers:

Fred Lobster – Jeff Hufferd
Let Your Spirit Be, Let Your Spirit Be – Michelle Lyn Denault
JacksonJohnHenry And The Too Tall Trees – Remy Agee
My Name is FRED – Remy Agee
Ladybug Wonders – Ina Gjikondi Cecchetto
The Starchildren – Sebahat Malak
I’m Going To Be Your Big Sister – Vanessa Barilla
The Three Butterfly Sisters – Karen, Gretchen and Heidi Gilles
• Arthur’s Barnyard Birthday Bash (Coloring Book) – Giselle Rosado
and David Tonkowitch
Daffodil’s Journey Home – Stacey Cecilia Belbin

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